As of October 1, 2017, Google (as de facto rulers of the internet) have decided to fully implement the most dangerous warnings about “unprotected” websites. Starting in October of this year, the Google Chrome browser has started frightening website viewers by showing them the above in their address bar on pages with any forms if you don’t have a secure (SSL/HTTPS) website.

Because Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser so about half your web traffic (and probably more) is from visitors that use the Chrome browser (desktop or mobile)…and that percentage is only going UP.

AND the average web user has no idea this is a big push by Google to make the web a safer place, to reduce information theft and curtail some hacking activity.

SSL Temaco Security CertifiateVisitors are simply going to think it’s YOUR prospects website that is “insecure.” Eventually, all HTTP pages will be marked as non-secure with a red warning triangle NO ONE can miss.

That is the reason why we offer SSL service at a very affordable Yearly price of $65/year.

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